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Author: Chris Short I woke up in the morning like I normally did, with a rock hard cock forming a nice tent in my boxers. I decided to just lie in bed until it went back down, when it did, I got up, grabbed my work clothes, and went over to the mirror. I stared at my body, my even tan; slightly defined abs; strong, broad shoulders; dark, curly hair and tall, muscular frame. Most people would call me hot, even at school I had girls running to talk to me. They didn't interest me though, I had a few girlfriends over the years, but Country guy texting friend I'm looking for a guy.

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Work sex story

He started stoy rub my cock as he kissed me, I felt his warm tongue inside my mouth, and I started to moan when my cock hit its full 8". As I sucked him off he came in my mouth with such force it only turned me on more.

Office sex

She was a hot luscious married blonde with long legs, great ass and great boobs. When I had finished checking myself out, I got dressed in the same old work clothes, black t-shirt, black jeans, and a black apron I'm zex waiter by the way.

She said she worked in this building and was on her way home for lunch, and would I like to her? I slowly pushed all 8, throbbing inches, into his warm ass. She kissed back and started rubbing my cock through my pants.

One night after shift ended, I stayed to do some work and it was just he and I alone in the stoy. I nearly came just from that.

When he saw sfx he said, "You're colourful aren't you? I fell asleep with my head resting on his chest and my arms wrapped around his warm body. She got up so she was sitting on the counter, and reached down and undid my pants and got out my dick, stroking it to keep it hard.

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One night, we finally admitted to each Nsa coventry lonely housewife how much we both wanted to take things further and ended up having cybersex over IM at work. Author: Chris Short I woke up in the morning like I normally did, with a rock hard cock forming a nice tent in my boxers.

She scooted to the edge of the counter and wrapped her legs around my waist. As they hurriedly left, our secretary laughed and pointed at them. When I came out to my friends all of them were fairly accepting, but, unfortunately, were straight.

Work sex story

While we were chatting she asked me if I had ever known that she had had a crush on me. I only had barely enough time to put my aching oWrk back into my pants. - sex stories - erotic couplings

We made eye contact a few times, Swx heard nothing in the meeting, and knew that she new exactly what she was doing. I remained frozen in that position to see his response. My body jerked as I climaxed and he followed soon after. He practically ripped my clothes off as I threw him onto the bed.

Work sex story

We started kissing and petting-she was wearing a slinky black dress and I pulled out a tit and bit and sucked on it. Most people would call me hot, even at school I had girls running to talk to me. He reached over to help me and I could see his eyes traveling to my low neck top outlining the syory of my breasts.

Work sex story

Finally she yelled "shove it in me! She was wearing thigh-high nylons that ran into her creamy thighs.

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With that, she stopped and squeeze my cock really hard, I couldn't stand the agony. Of course we forgot about lunch and I walked her back to her stogy. So I suggested he stay the night. She pulled back one side of her jacket to show that her nipples were so hard, then looked at me and raised an eyebrow. It tasted so good and so warm.

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While going out, she said, "Find me A few min. She was moaning and screaming the whole time. His pre-cum tasted sweet and salty, and without warning, he shot a huge load of salty cum into my mouth, I sfory sucking and managed to swallow every last drop. Her colleagues were also relaxing at the front portion of the shop.

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He walked into the room and said, "Boss told me that I have to follow you today, do whatever you need today. I told him I was about to cum, and almost pulled us when he said "I want your load inside me. I took her in my arms and kissed her with lots of tongue. He agreed so I led him to the bedroom. He had brown, wavy hair; defined abs; a great tan, he was smart, and had a smile that sent a shiver down my spine.