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Their sex lately had not been exactly perfect and Norma thought that the fresh air might perk things up a little. She and Mike Women to fuck Commerce into the single large sleeping bag, and she began fondling his cock. Mike moaned and stroked her hair, using his coarse hands on her breasts too. She slipped it into her mouth and licked the head, flicking her tongue over the hole. Mike moaned and lifted his hips, his hand reaching over to find her left breast.

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Kevin was moving his hips hard and fast, ramming the small girl from behind and making her buttocks ripple.

Wife camping stories

Everyone insisted on giving her a good-bye kiss, and some were longer Wive others, while some were clear enticements to stay, complete with a nipple pull or a finger along her pussy. Norma turned, and Match making dating young girl asked if she could help dry her long hair. Horse felt it and said there you go keep cuming no shame in cuming on a nice cock.

Wife camping stories

God but this woman was hot! Horse likes to fuck guys that are cleaned out, I was kinda dazed and said cleaned out. She looked frantic and wanton, her eyes closed and her face contorted by her desperate desire for release.

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Almost there Jim said guys he will let us do anything as long as we don't tell his wife, horse said anything ha. The bent me over the bike and cuffed me to the frame.

Wife camping stories

Now she felt a sensual, sexual urging growing within her, being so close to Cindy, who seemed to be naturally free of such inhibitions. Kevin backed away, holding his drained prick. Norma stood up to remove her jogging pants.

Wife camping stories

She kept flicking over where it should be, her own breath rapid, humid and hot. Norma sat up in the darkness of the tent, wiping his sperm from her face and then groping for her pants. All of them thick and creamy, landing on her breasts.

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Campiing I said I've been up and down all night. Both girls led Norma to a large blanket spread out on the sandy soil some yards from the tent. Jim said that they would fuck me in size order, since it would be unfair to them if horse fucked me 1st he would leave them with a gabbing hole. The face in the mirror looked okay, except that she needed to re-do her eyeliner a little.

Getting no response, she repeated his name again a little louder, only to be met with a soft snore. I could move my head that much so he fucked my face, just long enough to get real hard. Horse just kept moving slowly going alittle further out each time.

Wife camping stories

So, I walked over and the closer I got I could see he had a raging hardon! She licked and gulped it down like nectar. Cindy gasped and Norma wished her tongue was six inches long. Fresh air, hard cocks and a woman Wlfe her tits.

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I got back to my tent and my wife was still snoring. Cindy had the plastic penis in her mouth, and she was trying to put the other end in her pussy. After a slight pause, "Or just breathing hard? She used her fingernails on his balls, sucking him into her mouth again, bobbing her head in a slow, easy rhythm. Norma caught up with her, and walked alongside.

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On the paper, Cindy had written her home and work s, along storues "I love you. He too was naked, and his penis began growing as he watched Rose and Mindy. Grabbing his cock he stood and moved to Mindy, shoving his cock into her mouth and then shaking.

Wife camping stories

Norma had only once been naked with another girl, and that was long ago, when she and a close friend had experimented with lesbian sex. I raised my head and look at him and said YES and at that moment he shot a load at my mouth.

Wife camping stories

She continued her oral foreplay, sloppily licking and sucking at the head. I then realized that was his surprise. The shadowy person stood and moved towards them. A tongue darted about, teasing her, bringing her to the brink.

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I finished pissing when I heard a short piss piss I looked around the tree and it was the biker sitting in his chair. Now, nine years later, she had ed the battle lines against getting fat. She was a bit taller and heavier that either Cindy or Rose, with shoulder length redish hair. She took Cindy by the hand and Wive a note pad and pencil.

Wife camping stories

I tried to get up. Norma felt the fingers inside her, giving her something to grip with her pussy. We went to our site we reserved and not 15 yards stries was a guy riding a motorcycle camping. Norma was totally exhausted afterwards and slept soundly.

Wife camping stories

I started to panic, but it was to late! He then walked me over to his motorcycle and told me to bend over and get comfortable.

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Mindy and Rose kissed, both of them moaning softly. The other tent flap parted and another young man emerged. Mindy pulled Brian down and mounted his upright shaft, placing them within easy reach of Rose. All their cock were hangin out.

Camping with my wife

Janet felt the tongue drawing nearer her favorite spot, felt the slow, sensual pleasure flowing from Cindy to her. Mike snored a little louder, driving her ire into a seething anger. Cindy slid a finger inside Norma, and it felt Wiife familiar and odd.