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American Express is shining a light on small businesses across the U.

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If the result is 4, the day would be Wednesday.

Return type: 3, week begins on Monday 0 and ends on Sunday 6. We use money from our sales to feed the community for our Free Lunch Friday Program. You can also type dates in an accepted text representation of a date, but to avoid unexpectedit is best to convert the text date to a datetime format first.

It helps to keep our employees working. Remarks In contrast to Microsoft Excel, which stores dates as serial s, DAX works with dates and times in a datetime format.

Looking for a date for this weekend

Although there will always be ups and downs, the ability to support and create a platform for our team to express themselves through their own unique creativity is truly a dream come true. Return type: 2, week begins on Monday 1 and ends on Sunday 7. It helps to fund our community outreach.

Looking for a date for this weekend

If you need to display dates as serial s, you can use the formatting options in Excel. We hope our community understands the value of their spending and how it can be integral in sustaining mom and pop shops. The community supports us, and we support the community. Return value An integer from 1 to 7.

For us to remain open and a part forr the community we love, we must continually inspire current members to stay with us and new members to us as we all adjust our lives during these times. Example The following example gets the date from the [HireDate] column, adds 1, and displays the weekday corresponding to that date.

Conscious spending within the community can contribute to neighborhood sustainability. Dates should be entered by using the DATE function, by using expressions that result in a date, or as the result of other formulas. American Express is shining a light on small businesses across the U.