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Gina looked sad when I boarded the plane to go interstate for work. She told me that she will miss me and that her sister Becky would pick me up at the airport so that I could stay with her parents which I met two years ago.

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She told me that she wanted my cock in her pussy one more time before I left. Her backside still poking out in front of me.

Before I could say a word, Becky walked over and started taking my long pants off. She said she missed me too. I said good night and went to bed. Gina told her that I was very big downstairs. Becky was up and was surprised to see me home early.

Girlfriends sister sex story

Beck fell onto her face. I was enjoying the blowjob. I got ready for my Press Conference. It was raining outside.

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I called Gina and told her that I was home safely and missed her. I took Becky up and lifted Girlfrifnds onto my waiting cock. I was tired from the flight.

Girlfriends sister sex story

I told her that I couldnt see much. She started licking and then Becky started sucking my cock like a lolly pop.

Becky told her that we watched baseball and when I got on the phone, Gina said she cant wait for me to get home. The phone rang and it was Gina.


I told her parents in the morning that I will be leaving today. When her sistre returned, she snuck into the rooms, pulled down my boxers and sucked my cock till I blew my load in mouth. She said her. After dinner we sat down and had some coffee.

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Told her i missed her and want to be back home. She asked if I liked what I saw. I got home and went inside the house. Becky wasnt experience like Gina. Becky shaved her cunt and she looked really bare.

Free sex stories & erotic stories @ techno-studio.eu

The flight back home to Gina was uneventful. I felt my cock go all the way in.

Becky told me to get up and lie down on the floor. She told me that she wants me again and cant wait till my next trip.

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She started to use her tongue around the cockhead and then would use her hand and mouth to push more into her. We found a secluded spot in the park and we both stripped. She screamed she was cumming again and I felt her cunt go out of control on my cock.

She then took my cock in her mouth. I know this sounds wrong but it was amazing having this little teen always wanting to be with me She would often hang out with us and even tried to spend time with me when Maria was away. I pulled Becky hard against my cock and buried my hot cum into her well fucked pussy.

She told me to go easy on her as she has never had anything giantic in her before. At this point my relationship with Maria was starting to get even more precarious but Stort did not have the courage to hurt her feelings so I continued to go out with her.

Girlfriends sister sex story

Becky told me no. Gina looked sad when I boarded the plane to go interstate for work.