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Parents need maturity, courage to help children through divorce Rachel and Mike divorced less than a year ago and share custody of their year-old son, Adam.

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Courage to divorce

I reminded them that their divorce came just when Adam was already dealing with the physical and emotional turmoil that all adolescents grapple with. In what ways do they teach you how to navigate post-divorce life in other words, what have you done differently because you're a mom that Courxge wouldn't have understood before?

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You're so candid about the struggles of divorce. For the past month, Adam has refused to spend time at his father's house, and clams up whenever they are together. Make sure they know that you genuinely care about what they are going through, not just your Courate misery.

If curfew has always been 10 p. Through these means I found an incredible amount of strength. Divorce means loss to children, and they will have questions.

Courage to divorce

Parents must have the maturity and courage to set aside their own grief and be positive, supportive role models for their children. How do you balance it all?

You have two gorgeous boys. I balance it all by mastering the art of delegation.

Finding the courage to de your own unique co-parenting arrangement

Normalize, normalize, normalize. Kids deserve to have a basic understanding of why their parents split up.

I counter those feelings by realizing that wisdom sometimes means Cuorage yourself with strong people who can help you reach new heights in your career. Having kids throughout the divorce process has forced me to not get caught up in the little stressors in life.

Courage to divorce

What are your most helpful tools for getting through the rough parts? Resist the urge to bash or criticize the other parent. Pulling away from Dad was Adam's attempt to show loyalty to Mom while also expressing anger at his father for including someone new in their already jumbled lives.

Courage to divorce

What rituals wellness or otherwise keep you sane? Parents need maturity, courage to help children through divorce Rachel and Mike divorced less than a year ago and share custody of their year-old son, Adam.

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In short, they have taught me to recognize the things worth expending energy on, and that has resulted in a more positive environment for all of us. My hope is that my boys look at me as a woman of strength. Lopez, to create a show that would empower women who — like her — refused to allow experiences like divorce define them. As he was starting to separate from his parents, trying to form his own identity and deal with new social pressures, what he thought was a stable family unit fell apart.

Courage to divorce

Remember, your ex-spouse is still your child's parent. Change, even for the better, is stressful.

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Unfortunately, it's still considered a taboo topic by some, so it's no surprise divorrce many newly-divorced parents are unsure about how to approach their new reality. Children thrive in environments that are safe and predictable. What I was absolutely not prepared for was what felt like the proverbial scarlet letter of divorce and how it would negatively impact my female relationships. You're a woman of many hats: interior deer, host, single mom, blogger, entrepreneur.

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Effective parenting requires love and fair, consistent discipline, not friendship or inappropriate permissiveness. We talk with authenticity about our experiences in order to empower other women. I have amazing teams and strong support. We are a musical household, so chances are there will always be whirling and two-stepping going on. What's one thing such struggle you felt most unprepared for? After realizing we both had backgrounds in media and entertainment, we decided to use our platforms to be a collective voice for moms.

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Every year, another million American children under age 18 must deal with their parents divorcing. Children internalize conflict and pain. Answer as honestly as you can without burdening them with too many unnecessary details. My closest friends will tell you that life for me has been precisely the opposite. I want to be a mother who Courge by example.

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Because I know they are watching, I now notice when I get really angry about something and how that emotion or reaction affects them. Mike saw that he needed to compromise, too.

Therapy, self-discovery, and meditative practices have been essential for me when faced with challenges throughout this divorce process. Reassure them, over and over, that the divorce was not their fault.