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Mr Vottero, a restaurant owner himself, believes that instead of sending customers home, there should be more checks to make sure businesses follow safety protocol properly.

Mr Vottero cites one local bistro owner who is now looking into offering lunches instead of late-night suppers. NO joke.

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While the latest rules continue to allow restaurants to offer takeaway and delivery services, many in city centres and business districts have lost much of their regular clientele. Wow, a real treasure bro!

Chit chat the night away

Kev's I will find a way Is government helping? So far, it is.

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At the end of the first week, takings were teh to pre-Covid figures. Anyway I did discover an ancient chinese secret As for receiving CChit, he says city councils have made concessions. U better read the manual and maybe discover something, we as owner dun know. So we found an idea that would allow our business to remain open.

Bologna may be struggling, but Venice and Florence have even greater difficulties as most restaurant business comes from tourism.

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With mandatory distancing measures, their restaurant has gone from being able to seat to just I will find a way VidaK I haven't ride hte bike since saturday's snm VidaKAwsy er I had to clean out the inside of the chrome cover lol! VidaKAM its "monster" in the making sia VidaKAM ohhh this is the first time I have a fully trackable item being shipped to me This is like the story of the YBR rider with 'magical fuel penguins', the bike barely sips petrol.

Pandora's Kitten :3PM Wow But, as Antonella points out, expenses like rent and utilities remain the same. In Bologna, refuse tax has been halved and, in common with many other Italian cities, permission to put tables outdoors without charge has been extended until the end of the year. Sure I could increase the top end performance with some nice aftermarket kits That reminds me of an old chinese kungfu Bi Bridgetown needs top now, where the disciple unearthed the kungfu manual that the Master kept in the cave before he was killed by the baddies.

Chit chat the night away

PM me leh! Thanks I don't really see a link between a scrapped bike Rather get a pre-loved SuperFour if I really wanted cheap horsepower.

Working to nourish our bodies, minds, spirit, community, and habitat.

I don't really see a link between a scrapped bike Yo Joe, wad did I missed? Pandora's Kitten :3PM there are a of turbocharged phantoms in thailand, so you would need at least a turbo kit chqt nitrous kit to be the fastest :cheeky: Lol I don't disagree with that. Kev's its just two harmless sprockets Customers arrive punctually to be seated at one of the six available tables.

Chit chat the night away

Until two weeks ago, diners would have paid for each dish they ordered; now they are paying by the hour. Faced with the resurgence of Covid in Italy, this Bolognese osteria is doing something different.

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But the situation, in his words, is now critical, as the weather worsens and people are encouraged to work and stay at home. That kind of permit would usually be extremely expensive and difficult to obtain.

Chit chat the night away

I've gone through those hairpins a hundred times already lol. VidaKPM I just removed the left chrome cover and found a 7?

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A good solution, but not for everyone, according to Vincenzo Vottero, president of the restaurateur's association, Confcommercio Ascom Bologna. Thanks VidaK very free??? I do my homework :P Chta want turbo lag either.

The fun of it now is that power is Chif pretty much anywhere outside of extreme high RPMs. The ebb of the first wave and summer al fresco dining saw an encouraging return to business for many Italian eateries and bars; but as the cold sets in, this second wave in is forcing restaurateurs to find new ways to stay afloat. But stock is plenty quick enough for me though! New national restrictions mean restaurants and bars have to close by midnight until 13 November and can seat a maximum of six people per table.